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Wondering why we say "Jozi edition"? Because we move from city to city and adding the city's name for inspiring the event to take place in that home turf , Our next event will take place in Bloemfontein (date to be announced) right after the JOZI EDITION which takes place on the 29th AUGUST 2020, There for that event will be CITY BEER FEST-"BLOEM EDITION". 

The CITY BEER FESTIVAL has humble beginnings started from the first event at the STATION in JHB NEW TOWN 2018, having mostly commercial beer brands, With the success of that event,  we saw a loophole in the craft beer market and decided to target this market. We now have a network of over a 100 craft breweries and distilleries to work with and that's exactly how we want our next event to be. The focus is to showcase fully all the suppliers involved to maximize their brand awareness for a symbiotic partnership of growth for all.    

Our target audience is mixed and is well  knowledge about craft beers, music and a simple good time. 


Check out the venue THE RIVER CABIN